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      1. Staff Engineer

        Smart Manufacturing is coming, following by changes, challenges and opportunities for conventional Manufacturing Industry


        Using new technologies such as AI, big data, 5G and IoT in conventional manufacturing industry presents us with both opportunities and challenges. We should never cease our practice and efforts to ensure Bosch continues to lead the industry in the future.

        Working in Bosch in the past four years, I was involved in a few innovation projects on algorithm development.

        After graduation with Ph.D degree in 2016, I was enrolled in AE Business Department of Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. In the beginning of my career, I participated in developing an IoT product. In this process, I had systematic learning of the work flow of product development, thus gradually gaining experience in Bosch. In 2017, I started to work in BIG project (Bosch Intelligent Glove), in charge of application algorithm and gesture recognition algorithm for MEMS sensors. Since the latter part of 2018, I have been in charge of studying and supporting the use of emerging technologies, e.g., AI and big data analysis, in AE production and engineering R&D, so as to upgrade their efficiency. To be specific, I am in charge of AI model development in AI@AIO project process on SMT production line of production & manufacturing department, and PCB automated intelligent design in engineering R&D department. Moreover, I am also supporting internal and external innovation projects involving algorithm development.

        I enjoy my work because of the “constant learning” and “huge opportunities”.

        I moved from campus into workplace in Bosch, whose corporate culture featuring innovation, diversity and tolerance attracts me greatly. I love and enjoy my current job and have the following two feelings in general:

        Constant growth:

        Bosch advocates lifelong learning, encouraging its employees to supplement and expand their knowledge and expertise, thus securing constant growth. I have the education background of mechanical engineering. However, due to my work demands and personal interest, I have gradually learned and mastered the basics of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis. I have the sense of achieving because I have successfully applied them in my routine work and specific projects. More importantly, I gradually establish my own approaches and experience by engaging in the innovation projects, which will function as wonderful guidance and support to my future work.

        Huge opportunities:

        Smart manufacturing is now a popular term in the industry. Bosch is working on transformation, emphasizing on the use of emerging technologies including digitalization, IoT, AI and big data in conventional business while using these new technologies to expand the new business. My duties and work perfectly match with the strategy of Bosch. I feel lucky to grasp the historical opportunity of Bosch transformation. By participating in, probing into and supporting the transformation strategy of Bosch, I feel it a huge opportunity for my career life.

        For conventional manufacturing industry, smart manufacturing means changes, challenges and opportunities.

        To put it simple, smart manufacturing = manufacturing + ICT. Smart manufacturing aims to meet the clients’ demands for customized and high-quality production with lower cost, more transparent production means and shorter period.

        For conventional manufacturing industry, smart manufacturing means changes, challenges and opportunities. To cater to the requirements of intelligent manufacturing, it is imperative to make changes to conventional manufacturing industry. For instance, more products should have sensor measuring module and software module to realize testing of products in the entire life cycle; some products need to adopt 3D printing technology and laser manufacturing technology to realize quicker production with higher quality; the conventional production lines should be reformed into flexible lines of customization to meet the clients’ personal demands. For conventional manufacturing industry, these changes mean challenges, e.g., whether the resources and experience are available to support changes and secure the smooth changes. At the same time, these changes also represent huge opportunities.

        In the future era of intelligent manufacturing, if you want to customize a vehicle, you can raise requirements for it when placing the order. Then you can trace, on a real-time basis, details in the process of designing and producing the vehicle. At the same time, you can make proposals on the vehicle design and production. In the short period of time, you can get the vehicle you want.

        We continue to lead the intelligent manufacturing.

        Conventional manufacturing and smart manufacturing are closely bonded because intelligent manufacturing is realized on the basis of the former. As a leader in conventional manufacturing industry, Bosch has exceptional reputation for its quality. Bosch uses the most advanced automated production equipment, standard work flow and the unique BES and BPS, etc. to provide powerful support to its efforts in the domain of smart manufacturing. Through a large number of pilot-test projects in smart manufacturing, Bosch has gradually established unique theories, methods and experience with exceptional universality, thus greatly promoting development of smart manufacturing. For instance, I am now providing technical support to AI@AOI project on SMT production line in AE, which applies the emerging graphic deep-learning technology on the post of visual inspection of electronic components, thus greatly reducing work load of visual-inspection operators, lowering down the cost, and upgrading efficiency and quality of visual inspection. The project has accumulated rich experience for Bosch’s efforts in smart manufacturing.

        For AE, using emerging technologies such as AI, big data, 5G and IoT in conventional manufacturing industry represents both challenges and opportunities. We should never cease our practice and efforts to ensure Bosch continues to lead the industry in the future.

        We will face challenges and opportunities in the process of Bosch transformation.

        Bosch is experiencing digital transformation. As a tycoon company in the industry, Bosch will inevitably find it difficult to make quick response to market and clients. I believe it a challenge. Besides, Bosch manufacturing highlights standards and conformity, to which the flexible production features of smart manufacturing pose challenges.

        As a large company in the domain of conventional manufacturing, Bosch has accumulated a large quantity of data in industrial design and production, or the data treasures that are to be mined and used by AI, big data and other emerging technologies. This is an opportunity for us. In light of this, AE has established a team of technical learning on AI and data analysis. The team emphasizes on sharing technologies, obtaining practical experience and mining new projects, so as to prepare technologies and experience for strategic transformation of Bosch, and practice the philosophy of “We Lead Bosch” in an active way.

        “Respect”, “Agile”and “Learning” are key words of our team.

        The team cherishes each member as its unique wealth. It respects the contributions of all members and promotes growth and development of all. The team is active to try Agile working approach while highlighting the value and meaning of work contents. The team emphasizes on learning, innovation and teamwork, gradually accumulating approaches and experience of engaging in innovation projects in Bosch.

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