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      1. Autonomous Driving Sr. Engineer

        A safe and reliable automated driving system


        ”Automated driving is a revolutionary feature that will dramatically change the way people travel, freeing them from the drudgery, complexity and even danger, and making them travel safely and efficiently. Combined with big data and artificial intelligence, automated driving can optimize vehicle routes and reduce traffic congestion and emissions, thus saving energy and improving the environment.”

        In your opinion, what role Bosch is playing in the field of automated driving?

        When it comes to driving, we want cars to drive better than people to improve road safety. In other words, technology must be more reliable than people.

        As a leading auto-parts supplier, Bosch is not only a player but also a leader. Bosch is committed to developing safe, reliable, and mass-produced automated driving system. From system architecture design to specific product development, Bosch provides systematic solutions, including sensors, controllers, actuators and supporting software solutions, with the help of multi-department cooperation.

        The technology must be safe and reliable if we want automated driving to become a part of everyday life. It is a great challenge, especially in terms of overall environmental perception. Only when automated driving vehicles can accurately detect the surrounding environment at any time and place can they make correct choices and choose safe driving strategies. Bosch adopts various technologies for environmental perception, including radar sensors, cameras and ultrasonic sensors.

        What is your job at Bosch?

        When I joined Bosch in 2011, I was mainly engaged in the adaptation of ABS/ESP?, optimizing and improving the emergency braking and ultimate control-stability of vehicles by adapting ABS/ESP? to the braking and chassis system of vehicles. In early 2018, I was transferred to join the Bosch automated driving China development team, mainly engaged in system integration and testing. My main work is to develop the system integration scheme according to the system architecture and development process, to achieve the integration of hardware and software at the system level, to develop and implement the system testing and verification scheme as required, to complete the data analysis and problem positioning, and to assist the developers in improving and optimizing the system functions and performances. At present, I am focusing on a global platform project, which is the first automated driving system developed by a Chinese team in collaboration with multiple departments around the world. Different from previous single product development, this system adopts many of Bosch’s latest hardware products and software architectures, which puts forward new requirements for system architecture development and demand management.

        What is most appealing to you in the job? What drives you?

        “It can be a great happiness to work for a better life in the future in a company that focuses on your growth.”

        Let me share my growth first:

        As mentioned at the beginning, I joined Bosch in 2011 as the Application Engineer/Technology Project Management/System Engineer. Bosch encourages employees to change roles. “Changing the job, not the company” and “changing the business card, not the logo” has become another way for Bosch employees to diversify their career development. It struck me that because of our diverse organizations/businesses, we have the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and explore new work pursuits. During eachself challenge, I am proud of my personal growth in core and soft skills.

        In addition, with the vision of “making learning fun again”, the company has launched a series of innovative learning programs to offer diversified and multi-dimensional learning schemes to all employees. For example, we are now developing a global platform, so we need to know more about the architecture design of the automotive integrated system. As a result, the company provides the team members with Bosch’s core training sessions on “systems engineering”, which includes a comprehensive introduction to the hardware and software related to automated driving. It helps us think about the areas we are responsible for in a global and systematic way, which is definitely one of the essences of Bosch engineering.

        Let me talk a little bit more about influence in my eyes:

        Firstly, from the perspective of technology, Bosch’s concept of automated driving is to create safe automated driving. Safety is our top concern in launching our products to market. As a result, the entire team, from hardware to software, from testing to systems, is pursuing the mission of safeguarding safety. We ensure the most important safety of life while creating a pleasant journey for human beings. I am proud of the work of our team.

        Now, I’d like to talk about my work. My focus is on a global platform project now, which is led by a Chinese team. This is a new platform, which will not only be used by Chinese customers, but also by global customers. Chinese R&D teams are also experiencing: Global for Local -> Local for Local -> Local for Global. The company listens to the voices and ideas of each of its partners.

        What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in your job?

        Bosch is an international technology company with 133 years of history, as well as a startup with diverse start-up businesses and new markets. With both opportunities and challenges, let’s make breakthroughs together

        As I mentioned, Bosch offers a whole set of systematic solutions, so communication and decision making become very important to me. Since the system is relatively complex and involves a lot of new requirements and new components, it is necessary to discuss with internal and external customers and third-party suppliers to refine, decompose and classify the requirements, and then develop solutions based on this. Different from Bosch’s traditional project development, this project not only retains the traditional development process to ensure product quality, but also introduces the agile development process to ensure the timely mass production of customer projects, which guarantees the rapid introduction and iterative development of new technologies.

        In addition, in this diverse international team:

        • We have experts in different fields, which helps us to further explore technical depth and learn from each other;
        • Bosch’s technologies are transparent and open to engineers, and we can find almost any technical information we want on the Intranet;
        • Bosch’s pursuit of the ultimate craftsmanship spirit also shape our work values.
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