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      1. Bosch Digital Consumer Engagement Manager

        At Bosch, I use data analysis to create new value for e-commerce.


        Currently, I am the Digital Consumer Engagement Manager of the Strategy and Business Development Department at Bosch China, mainly responsible for e-commerce consumer analysis and Bosch brand membership management. Many business units of Bosch China operate flagship stores on major domestic e-commerce platforms (such as Tmall and JD.COM), and Bosch brand membership management aims to analyze, precipitate, accurately reach and maintain the relationship with potential consumers that Bosch flagship stores have contacted, and ultimately stimulate the sales growth.

        I had two career transitions at Bosch.

        I was a product manager when I joined Bosch Hangzhou in 2011. When I transferred to Bosch Shanghai in 2014, my main responsibility at that time was still not very relevant to data. Later, with the development of the e-commerce industry, I made another breakthrough and transferred to my current position. So, I think we have diversified career development directions at Bosch.

        Data analysis is a particularly interesting job.

        The most fascinating thing about it is that data can help us answer various questions and help us see various new questions. Last year, the Bosch Power Tool Business Unit studied whether its new DIY home tool product line should enter the Chinese market. To this end, they urgently need answers about whether China has a user market for home DIY tools. Therefore, I grabbed the comments of users of relevant products on mainstream e-commerce platforms and analyzed what users said by NLP (natural language processing) to determine whether they were the home DIY users. At that time, nearly 20,000 pieces of user data were scraped. After data cleaning, more than 10,000 valid data were selected for analysis. We see a huge potential for DIY tools in the Chinese market. Finally, the Business Unit decided to set up a team in China to be responsible for the home DIY tools.

        My first job was data related.

        However, the market environment is changing fast, so that we have to constantly learn new skills to do the current job, such as NLP of user-generated contents and machine learning. I only knew the general concept in the past, but now I am used to applying these skills directly to my work. With the help of experts within Bosch and the training of the Bosch, I have been more in it.

        It is easy to encounter data traps in the process of data analysis.

        For example, if a company wants to analyze the lipstick market, it also has to pay attention to male customers besides female customers. Male customers are price insensitive and they buy lipstick mainly as a gift, so they may be a growth opportunity for the high-end lipstick market. If we, however, only look at the results of big data itself, it’s easy to ignore such details. Looking only at the data, we sometimes miss key insights, so we need to work closely with the business department, and have to incorporate business considerations into data analysis so as to avoid falling into data traps.

        As far as I know, Bosch is at the forefront of big data analysis and application in e-commerce.

        In the field of e-commerce, stores can only get limited first-party information, and it is difficult to perceive valuable points based on these data. However, third-party data on the platform is of great value. Now, platforms are gradually opening up platform data. For example, Alibaba has opened up its data platform, so that enterprises can select tags that match the characteristics of their target users and then using Alibaba’s third-party data and machine learning model, to directly conduct in-depth data analysis. Before the double eleven (Nov. 11) online shopping event in 2019, we built a model for each Bosch business unit, and finally screened out the high-potential customers of each business unit from tens of millions of strangers who had never been reached. We launched precise push on this basis, and the click rate and conversion rate were greatly improved. So, in my opinion, Bosch is taking the lead in the right track in terms of e-commerce.

        Data may support business decisions and help improve operational efficiency.

        It adds value to business development. I personally believe in the power of data, and I hope to create more value for the company with my data capability. In daily work, I have deeply felt that employees of Bosch are attaching more and more importance to data capability. We use internal and external data to discover new business opportunities, optimize operations, improve user experience and support business decisions. Don’t be panic and don't be afraid when you're dealing with data. To gain good insights, you have to combine your understanding of the business. Valuable data is probably right next to you.

        Welcome to the era of big data, and welcome to the digital-supported Bosch business.

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