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      1. Bosch center for Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist

        Bosch Artificial Intelligence-From Ideation into Reality


        “AI is deeply involved in the social progress for our modern society, providing technical support for us to build such scenarios as intelligent IoT, autonomous driving and environmental protection. Of course, though AI is one of the most popular topics nowadays, it is not omnipotent and needs to be carried on in generations and requires concerted efforts from both industrial and academic communities.”

        Focus of my current work is to provide consultancy and technical solutions

        Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence is in charge of projects and R&D in areas including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent engineering, supply chain and intelligent service. Our local team has evaluated and implemented projects on automated optical inspection, shift planning, engineering calibration, signal recognition, building and machine performance optimization for energy efficiency, battery health state prediction, etc. Nowadays, I mainly work on two areas. First, application of AI in the scenario of intelligent manufacturing, e.g., automated optical inspection and signal recognition; second, application of AI in energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and intelligent buildings, e.g., improvement of Shutdown management and chiller power optimization, which are expected to improve energy efficiency in the future.

        In addition, I also look forward to helping with train the trainers program to be initiated in China by the enabling team of Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence this year, thus becoming an excellent and popular AI trainer.

        The work is greatly attractive for me.

        “My academic theory can be perfectly applied into the practical work of the industrial giant. Bosch can provide sufficient resources and platforms for working out an idea, putting it into production and generating yields.”

        Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence is a global team including research team, consultancy team and training-empowering team. As the local AI team, we provide strong support for Bosch China in its intelligent and digital process. Considering the role of Bosch as the industrial leader, I can combine my academic experience with real industrial production to facilitate the process of working out an idea, putting it into production and generating yields. Moreover, in the background of global warming, Bosch aims to realize carbon neutrality by the end of 2020 in its factories across the world. Able to make my personal contributions to this goal, I have great sense of achieving.

        At the same time, the diversity of Bosch has helped me make great progress in interpersonal relations and technical practice. In this happy family, my life is enriched by various activities organized by Labor Union.

        Though established only two years ago, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence has received great attention.

        “As the leader of industrial AI, with abundant industrial technologies accumulated for over a century, Bosch will definitely present brilliant performances in the intersection between conventional industry and AI.”

        The research team headed by Prof. Zico Kolter won the Award of Excellent Orientation at NeurIPS 2019. Meanwhile, Bosch ranks top in the corporate community in a few top-end AI conferences and leads the manufacturing industry. For example, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence ranked No. 7 in the corporate community in terms of papers published at 2018 ICML.

        Our consulting team has the experience of conducting more than 200 projects in the field of engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and intelligent services.

        Our enabling team has launched many AI-related courses, aiming to train 20,000 Bosch employees globally to empower AI. As a leader in the industry, with abundant industrial technologies accumulated for over a century, Bosch will definitely present wonderful performances in the intersections between conventional industry and AI.

        Does AI represent new opportunities or new challenges for mankind?

        “AI is deeply involved in social progress for our modern society, providing technical support to such scenarios as intelligent IoT, autonomous driving and environmental protection, etc.”

        Literally, AI means human beings can create humanoid intelligent agents. Computer vision is just like people’s eyes, audio recognition being like people’s mouth, and robotic control being like people’s limbs. Artificial intelligence might, in the future, liberate our body productivity and brain productivity. Many scenes in fiction stories might come true.

        However, same as many other emerging technologies, AI is also a double-blade sword. Misuse of AI can even damage social order of mankind. I am lucky to see both academic community and industrial community are discussing how to properly and correctly use AI technologies. Team of Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence has issued ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence about how to use AI technologies in intelligent products properly.

        Of course, though AI is one of the most popular topics nowadays, it is not omnipotent. It still needs to be carried on in generations and requires concerted efforts from both industrial and academic communities.

        Bosch AI has both challenges and opportunities in the future.

        “I hope to encourage more females to join in the field of AI, improve interest in programming and work on meaningful projects and research studies related to AI”.

        When conventional manufacturing industry is confronted with many challenges, AI indeed can bring new opportunities and realize transformation. However, the conventional manufacturing industry is prudent to make considerable investments in AI at present. Though the ultimate goal of industrial AI is to realize intelligentization in the industry so as to reduce operational cost, in order to persuade clients into making investment, we not only need to have robust technologies but also correctly seize the pain points of clients instead of pursing innovative algorithms alone.

        Another challenge is how to become a unique female R&D engineer in the field of AI which is currently dominated by men. I hope that more female R&D engineers and scientists can have brilliant performances in the domain of AI.

        We are a warm and agile team.

        “We utilize our strengths and share project experience with each other. The information mastered by us is transparent among team members. Our supervisor would discuss with us each month, helping us grow quickly.”

        Our team is a new member in Bosch Group which is dedicated to using AI technology in all products or manufacturing processes of Bosch in the future. Instilling new blood in the Group, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence now has seven centers and over 200 specialists in the world. Though our local team is newly established, it is growing rapidly. In less than one year, it will become a team with more than ten members working on enabling, consulting and research in computer vision, operational research and machine learning. We have the spirit of craftsmanship in all steps of a project, from brainstorm, project evaluation, project implementation, to the scale system of manufacturing analysis. I hope our team will become stronger. I also hope that with our efforts, AI can help produce more and better projects and products in Bosch.

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