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      1. Bosch China Charity Center

        General Information - Bosch China Charity Center

        Bosch China Charity Center is the center which manages all Bosch’s charitable activities in China. Since its establishment in 2011, BCCC has always adhered to its core value of “Charity For A Better Life” and has dedicated to its activities to four focus areas: education, poverty alleviation, community and philanthropy development.

        In 2019 alone, BCCC has launched total 49 projects (15 new kicked-off projects) and donated 15.87 million CNY. BCCC has received awards from China’s Charity Industry as the past years, including “2019 China Philanthropy Enterprise Award”, “2019 Yixuan Award” and “TOP10 Poverty Relief Project”, etc.

        As of the end of 2019, BCCC has launched 165 charitable projects and donated near 120 million CNY, with more than 300,000 beneficiaries and covering 28 locations nationwide. BCCC has established the cooperation about 120 NGOs nationwide. It is worth mentioning that, as the end of 2019, Bosch China volunteers have reached 2058 with total service time 12486 hours.

        Figures (from 2011 to the end of 2019)

        Launched 165 charitable projects

        Donated near 120 million CNY

        Established partnership with about 120 organizations

        Improved living conditions of over 300,000 beneficiaries

        Focus Areas

        Education Development

        Promote the education development in poverty-stricken areas. Eliminate intergenerational transmission of poverty through education.

        • Established Bosch Freshman Bursary Program in 11 universities nationwide, funded over 2,900 students
        • Continuously contributed to teachers training program, trained over 955 teachers from village primary schools and 97 teachers from vocational schools
        • Supported the education development of middle western areas, benefited over 190 primary schools and 15 vocational schools

        Fill up the blank areas or scarcity areas of education. Promote the diversification of education.

        • Delivered over 187 financial quotient courses and 240 intangible cultural heritage classes, trained 70 first-aid training teachers in both villages and cities
        • Funded 4,323 hours of ward school activities for children diagnosed as leukemia in 6 provinces
        • Special education: funded 120 person-time integration and vocational courses for mentally challenged groups, trained 22 teachers for caring children with autism, established 7 broadcasting studios in blind schools, converted 31 textbooks for visually impaired university students

        Prepare leaders of next generation to meet the challenge of times and society.

        • Donated 5 million USD to sponsor Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University
        • Established Bosch Dream Fund to support initiatives of Bosch Freshman Bursary students, funded 54 projects, engaged over 380 students

        Poverty Alleviation

        Improve the living conditions of impoverished groups through livelihood empowerment and disaster relief, enhance the survival ability and gain dignity of recipients.

        • Urban communities: Funded the operation of 7 foodbank branches in Shanghai, collected food donation over 70 tons in 2018, benefited over 1,000 households
        • Rural villages: Provided daily necessities and stationery to 120 children who lost their parents and are taken care of by grandparents in Nayong, Bijie City, Guizhou Province

        Community Building

        Bosch companies in China are encouraged to strengthen the bonding with local communities by funding charitable projects and providing volunteer services to build a better homeland

        • As of the end of 2018, Bosch donated over 12 million CNY to 37 community projects accumulatedly, involving 8 entities nationwide. The features of community projects are the wide range of coverage, the large number of beneficiaries, and the active engagement of corporate volunteers.

        Philanthropy Development

        Promote the development of philanthropy and cultivate outstanding professionals

        • Funded Yiplus Charity School to launch 49 online courses and 5 workshops featuring philanthropic topics
        • Launched a two-month online learning and lecturer training with Yixiu Charity School
        • Funded 6 fellows from SEED social innovation community for their overseas exchange

        Support the start-ups or small-scale grassroots of public welfare organizations in the field of education and poverty alleviation

        • Funded 13 projects of grassroots organizations in public collection of charity projects
        Get in touch with Bosch

        Get in touch with Bosch

        Bosch China Charity Center
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