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      1. Products and services


        Bosch brings together comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology with hardware, software, and services to offer complete mobility solutions.

        With its extensive technical expertise, Bosch develops smart mobility solutions in the areas of hardware, software, and services.

        Mobility solutions web portal

        The Bosch mobility solutions web portal presents highlights from the areas of connected mobility, automated mobility, and powertrain and electrified mobility. Find out more about our products and services, not only for passenger cars, but also for off-highway applications, two-wheelers, and ship and rail transport.

        Bosch provides high quality spare parts.

        Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

        Bosch keeps you mobile.

        Bosch offers a wide range of spare parts to the aftermarket and repair shops – from new and exchange parts to repair solutions – as well as repair shop equipment such as diagnostic software and hardware. With service training courses and partner programs for repair shops, Bosch offers automobile competence and knowledge to service technicians all over the world. Thus, repair shops can test and repair more efficiently, more safely, and more quickly.

        Bosch service for all makes - worldwide

        Bosch Car Service

        Bosch service for all makes — worldwide

        At more than 16,000 Bosch certified car service garages, drivers benefit from first-class service, expert know-how, and ex-works quality automotive spare parts. From mechanics to electrics and diesel technology — our expert professionals work with state-of-the-art testing technology.

        Motorcicyles running on the highway, utilizing newly-intoduced ABS system

        Automotive Technology for two-wheelers

        As a leading technology company, Bosch offers systems competence and extensive expertise in all vehicle classes — including two-wheelers.

        Bosch developed the first and at the same time most compact motorcycle ABS especially for motorcycles and scooters. Guaranteeing more safety in smaller cubic capacity classes. At Bosch Engineering GmbH, customers benefit from the individual development solutions and tried-and-tested Bosch technology.

        A scooter guaranteed by high-quality and firm driving property

        eScooter Business

        Bosch offers diagnostics software and hardware, training courses, and partner programs for repair shops. With the latest testing technology, Bosch helps repair shops diagnose more efficiently, more safely, and more quickly. We ensure that our first-class automobile competence and our know-how is available to any repair shops.

        Get in touch with Bosch

        Get in touch with Bosch

        We look forward to your inquiry.

        Send us a message

        Chat with us!

        Do you have questions or recommendations? Get in contact with us. We are available between 9 am – 6 pm during working days.
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